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 Roger Does RGM repair/change/upgrade the starter motor for the MK3 to a newer 4 brush model? If so, how much? Also, checked on my after market speedo kit, it has a special spacer in there, so thanks, but do not need a spacer now.
Hello, we can supply a four brush DIY kit with instructions, you will need a powerful soldering iron and some dexterity but its not rocket science, cost there £64.90, we can do the work I am not sure what it costs, depends on how long it takes, I think the last one cost £70.00 to fit, maybe a little more what I worry about is two way carriage, its a rather heavy lump.

I believe you have made an electric start for a ES2 if that's correct I have a 1959 ES2 and a 650SS dominator is there any chance you could do it for these?
Hello, Thank you for the enquiry but unfortunately I have to say that I have not made any commercially successful starter conversions. I have looked at and experimented with it but never managed to come up with a solution. Its no more than a work in progress but I am sure I will sort something out when time permits.