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Change in office hours. (Please note callers by appointment)

As our last mail collection has been brought forward to 4.00 P.M. Our office hours are now.. 8.00 to 4.30 Monday to Friday.

Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays.

Can you supply a twin leading brake for my 1959 ES2?
Yes we can do a lovely twin leader for your bike, all polished with all external parts stainless steel, arms rod stops etc, and the shoes are our own proper ones not the imported ones. Its £350.00 plus VAT.


I have a BSA M20 with a 8inch front hub that i would love to convert to TLS. Do you do a conversion like this?
Many thanks for your enquiry, we do make a twin leader but its specifically built for a Norton, of course to some extent an 8" brake is and 8" brake, but then there is a question of width to contend with and the torque stop arrangement and engagement with the hub. Unfortunately I do not have an M20 to test it on, I have a 55 Goldstar if that’s the same? My BSA knowledge is I am afraid limited.

A few questions if I may
1) If I took a chance on your TLS fitting ok, what is the price?
2) Can I send you my BSA one for conversion?
Our twin leaders are nice stainless everywhere, good quality shoes, (ours) built here in our own workshops, would it fit, just not sure, at the very least you would need to make a spacer as the spindle has to clamp the twin leader up against the bearing in the hub. Looking at the brake on my goldie I would say it looks plausible but that has the full width hub. I do not know how you could arrange the torque stay as Norton have a alloy boss cast into the back of the slider, I suppose you could machine up a clamp. On the whole I would say not easy, so far as converting yours that’s a no I am afraid. We only do production work, not one offs sorry.