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Change in office hours. (Please note callers by appointment)

As our last mail collection has been brought forward to 4.00 P.M. Our office hours are now.. 8.00 to 4.30 Monday to Friday.

Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays.


Hi again, I wanted to place an order for a pair of exhaust roses for my Commando 850. I recently purchased a set of big bore 1.5" pipes from you which have upturned ends and are non balanced part 050116. I am a little confused as to which part number would be correct for these pipes? My first choice would be stainless steel and my second would be plain brass.
Thank you for your enquiry, 063555S is the number you want, plenty in stock, we also have just made a rather nice spanner for these that does not damage the fins.

I am interested in stainless mufflers for an 850 Mk III Commando 1975. I wish you carried stainless pipes as well.
Thank you for your enquiry, I have messed about with stainless exhausts on a number of vehicles and when you come to the Commando the problem is the whole assembly moves, bounces about basically and stainless steel work hardens, and then of course it cracks, exhaust pipes unless they are made using very expensive extruded tube crack quite quickly, within a couple of thousand miles perhaps so I would not supply them, when I looked at extruded tube it was about £50.00 per pipe just for the tube, before cutting, bending, fabricating the end, welding and polishing etc, makes for a very expensive pipe. The silencers can last reasonably well, eventually they can crack, I had three so when one cracked I could pop the spare on and weld the cracked one when it was convenient. I notice you have an MK3, the balance pipes crack for fun even when using mild steel tube. also of course the MK3 had the black cap silencers. The only stainless silencers we have are the Roadster and Interstate, i.e. reverse cones or the cigar shape, earlier than that which was fitted to your bike. I hope this sheds some light.

I have on my personal 71 fastback a standard roadster type exhaust system. I earlier bought from you a pair of low level first fastback pipes and silencers to fit. can you advise me which brackets are necessary to fit this system to the original Z-plates instead of the roadster type system? is there a set?
We have the brackets you require on part number 060563 and 060564, very nice, polished stainless.