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Change in office hours. (Please note callers by appointment)

As our last mail collection has been brought forward to 4.00 P.M. Our office hours are now.. 8.00 to 4.30 Monday to Friday.

Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays.


Hi Roger, I received the rocker spindle kit thank you! I need a new ignition, the unit that I had was about 15 years old so I assume it was the analog type. Do you recommend that I update to the micro digital unit? Is this #604 on your web site and I have heard people talking about the Pazon which is twice as expensive but seems to have an adjustable advance curve? What are your thoughts on this please. My machine has a standard lower end and camshaft but is 40 over with the big valve conversion, milled head to raise compression, gas flowed, 5 spd. Quaiffe gearbox and two 36 mm. carbs Also, do you have a source for the Grimeca brake parts?
Hello, In answer, I would not go with the micro digital, I stick to the cooking Boyer, reliable and functional, micro digital too fussy for these old bikes. Pazon, sure there good but I have no experience of them, why change from Boyer, 15 years no problems, adjustable advance curve, sounds clever but why would you want it? bit like the Koni dial a rides, very clever but not needed unless you where doing something pretty odd with the rest of the bike, and how many times do people make use of these adjustable features just to get them wrong. Grimeca we used to do a lot with, not any more I am afraid, new owners, difficult, mostly not available. Boyer part number by the way is KIT00053.

I brought some coils from you, I now need HT lead with rubber boots to fit the coils, spark plug caps and spark plugs, NGKB8ES. Can you supply retro caps: 1970 Triumph T120R. Please price for the above.
Hello, we can supply made up HT lead, copper cored and a fairly retro look rubber cap but I would need the length, quite long on your bike so probably our number WE1400, this is 26" long with one end fitted and the other loose so you can cut to length, £4.90 each, and the plugs are £2.20 each, both in stock, plus vat and post I am afraid.