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Christmas 2020 Opening Times

As we approach the end of this most trying of years we would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their help and support and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a healthy happy and safe 2021.  We will be shipping orders upto and over the holiday period but closed on the 24th re-open 29th and 30th then closed until Jan 4th. Best wishes from all at RGM

Hi, I am thinking about converting my MK3 black plastic air box to the earlier 'breadbox' type with front and rear steel plates and the perforated steel filter surround. I realise I would also need a special part by way of a bracket to hold the left side panel. I don't want to try to order all the parts individually, or spend ages on the phone, I will just get it wrong. Do you offer or can you supply a complete kit of parts to make this conversion?
Hello thank you for your enquiry, we do the standard width and a narrow one and stainless or standard material, I do not think you would be interested in the narrow one but we did four lists or combinations. The complete thing, all nuts bolts washers etc the lot EXCEPT the thread protectors on the carbs as they are the same throughout works out at £85.00 plus VAT non stainless, (actually all the nuts bolts washers etc will still be stainless) And £139.00 for the complete assembly in stainless, plus VAT and post. The side panel is an issue you would have to address, you could fit a bracket and use a steel dzus fastener as earlier bikes or you could do what I have sometimes done which was glue a small rubber pad to the frame put a bolt through the top of the panel, a lot have a hole anyway, bolt sticks through an extra inch with a nyloc on the bottom, long rubber band round frame and starts and finishes on bolt. What a bodge but invisible and works fine. P.S. the two holes in the front of the battery tray locating filter are on different centers, you would have to drill a couple of holes.