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As our last mail collection has been brought forward to 4.00 P.M. Our office hours are now.. 8.00 to 4.30 Monday to Friday.

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Hello I operate a small restoration business across the pond. One of my clients recently sent me a 1962 Jubilee Deluxe. I know you specialize in other models but I was hoping some of your items would be appropriate for a Jubilee. I have interest in a set of your tank badges (Part No 22713/4) and perhaps any decals that might have been used. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your enquiry, the Jubilee is not really my thing, I know little about them and we carry very little specific for that model. I believe the tank badges are not the same they look the same but are slightly smaller than those used on the heavy weights so that's a problem, second enquiry in two days so maybe we could look at making some. We do have a lot of decals for Norton's and I am sure some will be the same but I am not sure which. Not sure how I can help really but I have made a note about the tank badges. Russell Motors in London did have a lot of the lightweight parts left over from the factory closure so they may help. Best of luck.

Thank you for the reply. I looked over Russell Motors web page but anyway, I have had a lot of thought on this and I would still like to buy a set of your badges and have a go at it. I am surrounded by machine shops and trades people of every type, plus with these rust buckets that people send me to restore! So I am very use to making modifications on just about anything. The existing badge on the bike is just a piece of flat stainless with a decal so anything I can modify to take it's place will be a huge plus. I have looked over Jubilee and Dominator tanks and badges on a 62 factory brochure and the badges look extremely similar.
Well I guess as you say with the right work anything will fit. If you have a good look at them before you start altering and you changed your mind you could always send them back.

I just received your catalogue today so thank you for sending it to me. I am needing cast tank badges for my 1961 Norton Jubilee. I notice in the catalogue you do ones for the dominator. I read in the Norton website that a customer had bought the badges I need from you last year. If he is correct could you let me know as I need them for restoring my bike as I bought it with no badges on tank, thank you.
Thanks for enquiry but I am sorry to say we have never supplied the tank badges for the lightweights, they look very similar but are maybe 10% smaller than the ones we make for the heavyweight twins. I am no expert but that is how I remember it, you could perhaps check with the gentleman on the NOC site but I believe the ones we have for the heavyweights would not fit your bike. Sorry.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me. It seems to be a problem as I have read a few times about people buying badges for the lightweights only to find they don't fit. I bought ones myself from Ebay which I was assured were from a 1960 Norton Jubilee only to find they don't quite fit. I stripped the paint from the tank and although they almost fit the holes don't match up. I have not had time to do much with it but I wonder if the earlier and later models had slightly different shaped tanks and badges. Cheers.
Well I am no expert with the lightweight Norton's but to my mind there where only two types and the larger ones are a mile out and I would say you have the correct ones there, it does not take much for either the tank of the badges to be slightly out of shape and certainly on the heavyweight ones we make the mounting holes are actually slots to allow for the small discrepancies you come across. Trouble is with Norton's they where a small producer and I would not be surprised at all to find several slightly different versions of the same think but I would not expect to find very many different castings as the tools for this are very expensive so you have a very good chance that the castings are at least correct and could be made to fit.