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Change in office hours. (Please note callers by appointment)

As our last mail collection has been brought forward to 4.00 P.M. Our office hours are now.. 8.00 to 4.30 Monday to Friday.

Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays.

Im hoping you have gotten back your dies for Commando alum oil tank and side cover. I have several of my friends that would like to buy them. Please email me the status, thanks.
Thanks for enquiry, after a lot of effort we are making some progress we have persuaded the guys that did the original pressings (and lost the dies) to make another set. They say they are ready and testing them soon so with luck before long we will see some samples. I will keep you posted.

I have attached a picture of a Norton with a very nice alloy oil tank and left side cover that the owner says he purchased from you. Do you still offer these items, or can you tell me where I might purchase them? Also, is the alloy fuel tank from you too?
Thank you for the enquiry, that is indeed one of a batch of oil tanks we made, we had 200 sets of pressings and we have used them all last batch made a few years ago now, we have been trying to get another batch of pressings and we are hopefully going to receive some samples soon, that said we have been chasing them for about a year. When we eventually get the pressings we will make another batch but it is likely to be a few months until they are ready, assuming we receive the pressings fairly soon. So sorry not something we can supply immediately but with luck before long.