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As our last mail collection has been brought forward to 4.00 P.M. Our office hours are now.. 8.00 to 4.30 Monday to Friday.

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I am installing one of your synchroflex belt drive kits on a Commando MKlll electric start motorcycle. I am having trouble with the belt running into the overload backfire gear. I cannot move the transmission into the correct position to eliminate the rubbing of the belt on the gear. I have tried to move the transmission with the rear chain adjusters and I can tighten the belt using this method. The problem seems to be that the transmission shaft needs to be cocked a bit so that it runs more parallel with the engine sprocket. There is no adjustment that I can see to cock the transmission. It just moves forward and aft. Can you advise me in this matter. I am running your belt conversion on my personal MKlll and did not have this issue.
Hello, The shaft and belt alignment can be a bit tricky, first thing is to make sure its not too tight. The grooved top bolt is the only way to move the gearbox. as a rule I make the right hand slot slightly deeper as generally the mainshaft has to be biased to point backwards, its possible the gearbox is just coming back square so with the top bolt just tight enough to steady it and keep the box where you put it tap the right hand side of the box forward with a piece of wood, if needs be file the slot a little deeper, once correct fully tighten the top bolt and it should stay where it is placed, rather Heath Robinson but it works, there is only a small flat area contradicting and the engine plates are not ground so only nominally flat. It may also be worth looking at shimming the overload gear out a fraction but first thing first is to get the belt at the right tension (slack) and running true on the pulley. I hope this helps.